Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Updates & an Invite...

Whoops!  I let 2 weeks go by without updating this majigger-bob!
I know you’re dying to know…I have OVER ½ of my Nicaragua monies turned in with 10 days to go!  If you wouldn’t mind, please lift the team and the trip up in prayer and if you feel so led, consider giving.  Every bit helps!  If you can give a check, please make it payable to ‘Hub City Vineyard’ with “Nica 2013 – Chandra Dickson” in the memo.  You can either send to me (see Facebook event for address and share with friends) or directly to Hub City Vineyard.  You can also give online if you so choose.
I have some extra tees!  Let me know ASAP if you want one!

In other news, Don had his skin cancer COMPLETELY removed last Friday!  He’ll be going in on the 13th for a full body scan to make sure there aren’t any other spots.  While I pray daily about the niggling doubt that chills my heart, I just know that he is going to be fine and here to stay for quite some time.
I had a normal doctor’s appointment on Monday and just need to get my typhoid vaccine and medicine to ensure that I won’t contract malaria or a bad stomach bug while on my trip and then I’m set in that department.  A huge shout out to a new friend – Amanda – for watching the littles at the last minute for me!
Little Ms. Evie had her belated 18 month well-baby checkup and is off the charts for weight (as she has been for quite some time) and in the 98th percentile for height.  No big surprise there.  I had a terrible ordeal at the doctor’s as I had both kids with me and they took 45 minutes each getting us from the waiting room to the exam room and then getting a doctor in to see us.  Anyone have any suggestions for pediatricians in the Hagerstown / Frederick area?
As for EJ, well, he’s been ok.  Poor guy has had a terrible cough and a come and go fever but is his normal, cheery, and hilarious self. 
I’m SO excited right now because our church is hosting a women’s ‘Pajama Jam’ Friday night into Saturday.  Like an adult, all female fellowship lock-in!  How amazingly cool is that?!  Speaking of church, we just went to 2 services on Sundays…9:15 am & 11 am.  I wouldn’t be able to say it better than this, “Maybe you’ve been away from church…come check us out.  Maybe you’ve never been to church…come check us out.  Maybe you’ve been hurt, been abused, just have an overall bad feeling about churches…come check us out.  Bottom line, I want to share my Sundays with you.” – Matt Walker
Also, from Mr. Walker…he took this photo this past Sunday morning.  You can’t say that we don’t invite the Holy Spirit to come.  Completely unaltered…and he’s a cameraman.

As always, I hope this finds you well with lots of love surrounding you.


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