Sunday, January 13, 2013

Optimism for 21 Days

I am a perpetual optimist.  That being said, this has been a REALLY rough week on me.  After all of my crazy news in last week’s post, I woke up Monday morning to find out I had lost another dear loved one.  My cousin who was more like an uncle D.W. passed away Monday morning.  Not a great way to start the week.  Not to diminish this loss at all, but when I saw my mom calling, my heart dropped because I thought that she was calling to tell me that something had happened to my grandfather.  I found quick relief and then fresh despair.  I was the one that ruined the 17 year streak for attention for D.W.  A LOT of my childhood memories are filled with D.W.’s mullet and smiling face.  Summers of fishing success stories, crawdad broils, catching fireflies and him being one of the protectors that allowed all of that innocent fun to be had along with the rest of our family.  God called home another in what we see as too soon timing, but all I can ask is that peace finds all of my family in their time of mourning and the knowledge that God is omniscient and we are not.
Rest in peace, D.W. …thank you for always being a part of my life.  Love always.

This loss left me kind of…well…blah for lack of a better term.  I was just ‘OFF’ in everything.  Home, work, yeah.  Praise Jesus for an amazing support system through my sweet hubby and our awesome church and all of the relationships that go along with that.

I will admit that I’m feeling a little under the weather as this week is getting started, but I am just trying to praise Him through everything and keep my eyes on the proverbial Nicaragua prize.  So, an update on the fundraiser:  I’m turning in over 1/3 of my goal money to my church THIS week because of all of the generous donations in the last 13 days.  Seriously…just 13 days, you guys are amazing!  Our money is due on the 3rd of February, so I have a goal to sell 1 t-shirt a day starting tomorrow 21 days until the money is due, 21 t-shirts.  Simple enough, right?  So, who’s in?!  If that actually happens, I will have reached my goal!  100%!  Please visit my Facebook event for payment details.
Thank you so much if you’ve already donated in any way, shape or form.  Above all, please pray for our trip, safety and effectiveness in our works while we are there.  Praying this finds you all well!

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