Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 Step Process to Being a Cheerleader

As I sit here on the exact evening 20 days prior to my surgery, I look back at all of the love, support and encouragement that I’ve received since announcing that I would be undergoing gastric bypass surgery.  I am yet again astounded and overwhelmed by the quality of friends that I have been blessed with in this life.  I have a gigantic cheering section and am beyond grateful for each and every one of you holding a ‘Chandra’ pom-pom, pennant, #1 finger and yelling my name at the top of your lungs! 
As we all know, for every 100 positive responses that you get from anything, there is 1 (or 3 – not that I’m counting) ‘not-all’ positive responses.  While I don’t think that any one of the not so positive responses that I’ve received were meant to be negative or vindictive in the slightest, it is still one of those things that make you go, “Hmm…”  I won’t go into any detail as this isn’t really a rant or call-out session, but if someone gives you news of their lives that you may not be in 100% agreement with, try to just smile, give them a hug and say, “Good for you.”  Sweet, simple & non-committal.  I’m still working on a witty comeback for those that choose to “go above & beyond” in the not-so-supportive-comment section.
You see, this isn’t a process that someone can go into lightly (BAHAHA – pun TOTALLY intended).  Gastric bypass (or any other type of weight loss surgical procedure) has a very lengthy and time consuming checklist and set of tricky hoops that one must navigate through in order for surgeon to qualify, nutritionist to inspect, and insurance to approve.  This is something that I have been actively working towards since January 2012.  Next (& last) up on my to-do list pre-surgery is next Wednesday - my final meeting the surgeon and a 2 hour class with the nutritionist to go over EVERYTHING that I'll need to do pre & post-op in order to be a success.
Also, I am the proud owner of a Planet Fitness membership now, have been trying to make as many Heart Power Boot Camp sessions as possible and have been meeting with (and even taking pictures of) my health coach, mentor and new friend.  Along with these steps, watching my diet & portion sizes; my general good health will hopefully put me in a great position for successful recovery and weight loss results.
In other news, we are still fighting with EJ on potty training and he BIT someone at daycare yesterday.  Really struggling with communication, boundaries and discipline.  Evie is becoming more and more feisty and we are trying to help her communicate so that we are setting her up to be successful.  She DID pee on the potty yesterday and is showing more and more interest.  Ms. Michele (daycare lady) is going to start working with her more once school is out.  AND - Don was in a car accident today.  :(  Praise Jesus that he sustained no injuries (nor did the teen who t-boned him).  Also, (ironically) thank God that he wasn’t in his own vehicle, but a friend’s borrowed truck.
Instead of this:

It could have been this:

We’re home, friendship with the truck owner still stands and Don is just now starting to be sore from today’s events.  Thank you Jesus for protecting my husband and father to our children today.

Love you all, hold someone a little extra close today.  You just never know.