Saturday, January 5, 2013

Some T’s, a little C and a D

We’re 5 days into the New Year and what an incredibly exhilarating and bright week that it’s been.  I can’t begin to provide my complete and sincere gratitude to this amazing family of friends that God has provided me with.  You guys have gone above and beyond!!  In the first 24 hours of the launch of my fundraiser for my trip to Nicaragua, there were 5 shirts and 1 photo book pledged for!  Since then, I’ve received 1/3 of my goal in donations and have another 1/3 of my goal accounted for with t-shirt orders!!  SPEAKING of t-shirts…WOW, did Mr. Mike Barnard deliver!  I ordered 20 shirts online yesterday to fill these orders and had them delivered (FOR FREE! is amazing!) TODAY…yes, a Saturday!  So, I took the shirts over to Mike around 1ish and he delivered them back to me at 5 pm!  That’s a 4 hour turn around and was completely unexpected and beyond appreciated. 

Check out my face of shock and my awesome model:

Please consider giving if you haven’t already by visiting my Facebook event…I found out the other day that the money is due February 3, so the sooner the better and thank you all so much!

In other news, we’ve had a rocky couple of days here in the Dickson household.  Don had a spot on his leg removed in December and biopsied and we found out the results of that biopsy on Thursday and it was cancerous.  While I was fully shaken and upset, Don was able to explain that it is completely treatable and curable.  He’ll have to go in to get the rest of the cancerous area removed, but then it’ll be gone.  Please pray for our patience with doctors and our peace in waiting for that appointment.  This isn’t something that can spread as long as it is treated.  Please pray also that no other spots decide to crop up and that we continue to turn to God as our ultimate Healer in all things.

On top of that news Thursday, my great ‘Aunt’ (Grandmother’s niece) Marge passed away Friday morning.  She was elderly and had developed and never recovered from a bout with pneumonia, so I am ever grateful that she is free of pain, sorrow and suffering.  However, being unable to attend the services because they will be held in Colorado next week; I’m feeling a great disconnect and home sickness for my family that is spread all over the United States. 

Rest in sweet eternal peace, Aunt Marge and give Aunt Bea and Nana a run for their money over cribbage in Heaven.  XOXO…
As always, thank you for reading and I hope this post finds you well!


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