Monday, January 16, 2012

So, thanks for stopping by and reading…I’m am an altogether TMI type person, so I’ll apologize now and hope that it applies for all future posts.

I’d like this to be a non-stressful type thing for myself and all who read, so for all future formats, this is how it will go:

Prayer FIRST…I pray for you reading, your family and your current individual situation; I may not know exactly what it may be that I’m praying for or even that I’m praying for you ‘directly’, but know that you are in my prayers.  Also, please help reciprocate and pray for me, for my wisdom and discretion in the words that I may choose to be putting on here and sharing with you.    

Second, a bit of my past…so you get to know me a little better and will hopefully feel like you can share your past with me as well.  No judgments, no predispositions, just common understanding and mercy amongst simple sinners.

Lastly, my present…what I’m dealing with and hopefully the why and reflection of what’s going on so as to help you better understand should you ever go through anything similar and so that I have an online memory, as I for SURE can’t keep it ALL in my head!

SO - Here's to us...on this embarkment and to health and altogether healing in the new year!  I will be trying to update every few days as busy schedule allows!



  1. I miss you Chandra! You will be in my prayers :)

    -Chantal Foltz

  2. Hey Chandra I think this is a wonderful idea. I will be praying for you!

  3. Welcome to blogging! I hope you find a community of support on here and feel the benefit of writing. Love ya!