Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prayer for today:
Dear God,

I don’t normally pray for patience, as to achieve patience; you certainly know how to test people…

Today, though…I’m’a praying for patience.  While I get news and reports and other things coming from so many different directions, give me peace and patience.


I’ve been overweight for as LONG as I can remember.  There are pictures of me as a healthy and ‘normal’ kid…up until about age 4.  THEN, there’s this HUGE gap…like I didn’t exist or was a vampire until high school and I was this very odd looking giant-type creature.  :/  I’ve been on diets and work-out routines and pills that I can’t even name or remember.  My weight fluctuates like someone’s gas gauge.  I’m not comfortable at the present sharing what my actual weight is, but let me tell you…NFL players would envy this in pure muscle.

AND that brings us to…An order for blood work was placed by the Weight Loss Center (yes, I’m actually thinking about bypass) and after last night’s puke-a-thon starring me, I figured that this morning would be the best time to go and get a fasting blood work done… 

Later today, I was off and on the phone with the GI’s office @ Johns Hopkins about my ‘inflamed-skin-tag-on-the-outside-of-your-colon-that-takes-months-to-resolve-itself,-sorry-about-your-pain…’  Urgh – insert frustration HERE.  Requesting pain meds, they offered the genius advice of 800 mgs of Ibuprofen 3 x daily for 3 weeks and then to call them to let them know how that goes.  Insert eye roll HERE. 

Anyway, left work early and couldn’t even continue driving, so I took a nap @ a rest stop ½ way home.  Got a call from hubs letting me know that he’d grab the midgets and then he’d see me at the house?  Directly after that I received a call from primary care Dr. letting me know that I have a Vitamin D deficiency.  Whoop!  Something I HAVE that isn’t normal, but IS fixable.  SO – I’m on once weekly supplements for THAT issue for 3 months until a re-check.  Evening has been smooth and now it’s hopefully off to pain-free dreamland.


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