Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Prayer for today:
Dear Jesus,

You have gone out of your way to include me in your grand scheme of salvation.  As if that weren’t enough, you provided me with an amazing support system…spouse, friends and family.  Of which I can’t thank you enough.  The life you’ve given me is above and beyond anything I could have imagined for myself.  Your work astounds me in many wonders and the miracle of my life (my salvation, my husband, my children and my esteemed friendships) often times leaves me breathless and awestruck.

Watch over those that are reading this and keep us all happy, healthy and in love with you.


I usually make this something relevant, but tonight it’s just what’s on my mind.  Many of you know, some don’t…I don’t claim an earthly father as I only met my bio-donor once when I was 16 and haven’t spoken to him since my mom wrangled him for back-child support of a child that he didn’t know existed.  I grew up with 2 amazing father figures…my uncle (Uncle Bob – picture John Candy in Uncle Buck, and that’s my Uncle Bob) and my grandfather (Papa).  I’ve really been missing my Papa lately…He’ll be 85 in April and I don’t take any chance to talk to him for granted.  I have pictures of him and I ‘shaving’ (him shaving and me w/shaving cream all over my face…) when I was 3 or 4 (aka – about EJ’s age).  He’d have been the one to raise me pretty much had my mom not moved us all over the country and I sometimes wish I’d had that stability and more strict up-bringing.  However, would I be who I am now with my exact personality if that were the case and is wishing for that ‘questioning’ God’s will in my life?  Oh, the lovely contradictions amongst your own head…

SO, not much has gone on since last post.  Hubs, the kids and I all had a pretty sweet weekend.  We visited a new church and were impressed with the extensive worship set and the relevant message.  We didn’t get a SUPER warm welcome from the congregation, but it was a pretty small church.  It was refreshing just to be somewhere that we didn’t KNOW everyone or have ANY responsibilities other than getting our God on.

We go Friday (the 27th) to see my OB to talk abdominal adhesion or scar tissue or something along those lines.  All of which require invasive exploratory surgery and most MD’s aren’t willing to do that.

Hubs is putting dinner together tonight even after we had a sweet date night last night and I’m trying my best to be appreciative as opposed to irritable due to pain levels.  Pain is so exhausting.



  1. I appreciate your openness. I think many times people who have encountered dificulties early in life, have an appreciation for life that many others don't. I can see and value that in you Chandra. Lisa and I would love to watch your two little ones to give you other chances for date nights. :)

  2. Thanks guys...the offer and your spoken & unspoken prayers and support speak a multitude to the prayers of thanks above for friends JUST like you!