Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home with pajamas on and pizza in my belly.  Life is good.
Prayer for today: 
Father God,
THANK YOU!  For all of our many blessings that you continue to pour on us even THROUGH trials and tribulations.  You are an amazing heavenly Father and I could NOT imagine or want better.  Forgive me of my sins today…gossip, slander, Your name where it shouldn’t have been in use.  I know that you sent your Son to die for those exact sins, but I LONG to be more like Him to be closer to You.
Jesus – grant peace, serenity and healing over ALL who lay eyes on this and even those in my life who don’t.  You promise goodness and grandeur and I FULLY claim that for us all.
I’ve moved around.  A LOT.  Born in Galveston, TX, to & from Texas City twice by the time I was 4, and then off to Chincoteague, VA followed by a short stop in Miami, FL for 1st grade…all by the time that I was 8.  Once “settled” in Victoria, TX I attended 2 different elementary schools, 3 different middle schools and 2 different high schools.  While I now appreciate the versatility and adaptability that all of those experiences provided my life, I truly envy people that have been friends with someone from birth and lived in 1 place their entire life.  That sustainability and constant provision must be how we should truly face problems that arise in our lives.  As God never forsakes us, we should REVEL in that accountability that never fails.
I’ve been in pain since August 20, 2011.  4 months.  29 days.  Constant.  Lower left abdominal pain that increases and decreases in pain level, but never truly goes away.  I’ve had so many tests run on me and been put on and taken off of so many medications since then; it boggles my mind that they haven’t just donated my body to science yet.  This morning I had a repeat (TMI ALERT!) internal ultrasound.  The results were normal, which if you’ve ever been in non-pin-point-able pain, is a little disappointing, but I’m thankful for more “good” news…
HOWEVER, while being consensually molested, something happened that hasn’t happened since this pain onset.  The sonographer was able to, if not reproduce as it was already there, HEIGHTEN the pain!  I know that it sounds crazy to cling to this tid-bit, but no one has been able to do that with simple exterior poking and prodding!  I feel like this will be some sort of key to the proverbial puzzle!  Please continue to pray for Dr's wisdom and my mental well-being.
PS - if you COULD, please try to lift up Ms. C & Baby B in your prayers as well...their stories aren't mine to tell, but they need them just as much if not more than I do!

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