Sunday, February 17, 2013

So, I heard it's Lent...

Looking back to a year ago at the beginning of this precious and reflective time, I find myself a completely different person and in a completely different place in my life although many things have stayed the same (actually, gotten better).  In no particular order…I’m in a position at work that I love, my marriage is fun, our kids are crazy and interactive and I’m ecstatic about the way my faith is going!  I mean, I leave for a 3rd world country for my very first missions’ trip in 13 days.  WHOA.  
That reminds me that I need to still get another vaccine and a $90 prescription filled.  Oh, and clothes.  Goodwill, here I come!
It’s so funny how satan thinks that he can stop someone with this kind of momentum and great things going on.  They always say that bad things happen in 3’s.  Well, I think that is a stupid saying.  It’s asking for more bad stuff to happen if you haven’t gotten to 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. yet.  Here’s my list of ‘bad’ things that have gone on since I’ve been re-baptized (Jan 1, 2013).  As of Thursday (Valentine’s) I have lost a total of 3 family members, my abdominal pain has increased to level 4 constant, 7/8 spikes, Don’s leg (which is now infected AGAIN), and now Evie is under the weather fighting a fever and puking mucus. 
How have I dealt with all of this in the past 48 days?  Well…on an emotional roller coaster, honestly.  I have been upset and down and frustrated and crabby, but at the end of the day I know that Jesus is my savior and God has me (and the whole wide world) in His hands.  It is so sad to lose those that we love, but 1 Corinthians 15:55 challenges death… “Where O death is your victory?  Where is your sting?!”  How amazing is my welcome stadium in heaven going to be with all of those that go before me? 

Rest in peace, Uncle George.  I love you.  Give Aunt Mary a kiss for me and send some extra angels to guard Evie through this current sickness.

Of everything else on my naughty list, I think the same way.  What’s the point of pain?  I mean, really?  I live with it by choice so that I can be coherent and present in life.  If I am in pain, I am ALIVE.  And if I place my pain at the foot of the cross, I am comforted fully.
Speaking of the foot of the cross…Lent started 5 days ago.  Our church has challenged everyone to give up sodas, coffees, wines, beers, whatever you’d spend money on and drink water instead and send the money to Africa to build clean drinking water wells.  $35 provides clean drinking water for 1 person for 1 year.  What could you give up to make that possible for someone?  Check out Blood Water Mission and get involved if you feel so led!
On top of that, I’m giving up my vanity for Lent.  Some people say that my idea is a little silly, but I opt for contacts on days when I want to look better and wear makeup.  That takes about 5 – 10 minutes a day depending on how in depth I want to go on eye shadow or red lipstick.  I’ll be working on spending that time with my Lord or my family.  There was also this great blog that a friend shared about a woman who is “skirting up” for Lent to try and take femininity back to its roots for her logic.  It really made me think about my addition to this world’s sex culture.  So, this is my way of taking a stand for that.  No makeup, no contacts, no paying attention to my hair other than basic necessity, no Pinterest or catalog perusing. 
I’ll have more information about my not making it fair for skinny people once I’m home from Nica!
Praying this finds you and your family well and ready for the week ahead.

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