Sunday, February 24, 2013

6 Days (Really 5.5) To Go

So, we had our last team meeting today after church where we were prayed for by our pastors and agreed upon with the entire congregation.  It’s been kind of an amazing day to clear out the crazy week that I’ve had.
Some updates:  Evie is completely healed from her ear infection last weekend.  Praise the Lord!  EJ has been testing us a little more than usual since his sister was sick and we’ve had to be a little harsher with our discipline, but he has responded so well.  Don received the results from the other 3 pieces of skin biopsied and 1 came back cancerous just like the spot on his leg and the other 2 are pre-cancerous.  He has an appointment set for March 25 to have the cancerous sport removed and the other 2 pre-cancerous spots frozen so as to kill the cells before they can cause harm.
As for me, I have been trying to physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepare for my upcoming trip.  I guess I’ll only know how successful my preparations have been once I’m down there.  We began a team blog that we will be updating (hopefully) once a day while in Nicaragua.  In the meantime, I’ll be utilizing that forum to introduce our team as we count down the days until departure.
Praying that this finds you well and ready for the upcoming week!

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