Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Prayer for today:
THANK YOU…thank you for friends who pray for me and friends for me to pray for.  Thank you for the love and care of a man that you designed me to be with that takes care of our family and me when I can’t.  Thank you for pain meds and the doctors that prescribe them.  Thank you for providing me with a sturdy job that makes ME a priority.
With a week like I’ve had, I really just wanted to thank you and be conscious of your workings in my life Lord.

I have been accident prone my entire life.  My first ‘memorable’ trip to the ER was when I was at my uncle’s house and he was chasing me around his octagonal coffee table and I fell on a corner and my bottom teeth went through my bottom lip.  Not TOO long after that I received my ‘chin scar’ (almost everybody has one BTW…) when I was tap-dancing on our neighbor’s tile floor and slipped.  In 6th grade, I was riding my bike to school and my backpack was slung over the handlebar and I took a corner, the bag went into the wheel, the wheel (and bike) stopped, I didn’t.  Braces ended up imbedded in my lips.  Had to go to ER, dentist & ortho only to be sent to school afterwards.  ALSO in 6th grade, mom took me to one of the TX battlefields (Goliad to be exact) and they had stone benches that I just HAD to hop over (like hurdles) and I tripped over one and fractured my right (write) wrist.  In high-school, it became the joke that I was so good at falling that I could make it look like I was sitting down.  Klutz-hood, I pray that I don’t pass you on to either of my children…

Last week I started physical therapy for my abdominal pain.  Lady asked me the same questions that have already been asked.  She poked and prodded in the same places that have already been poked and prodded.  I was then put through a series of ‘tests’ to determine my abdominal strength (weak) and my back strength (VERY strong).  So, I was started on a series of abdominal exercises to be completed a few times a day and follow up PT appointments twice this week.  One of which was Monday morning and it went smoothly and resulted in an additional few exercises that I can add to my repertoire.

And that’s about where my good week ended.

As I was heading out for lunch Monday afternoon from work, I decided that sky diving would be something I should try right then and there…off of a curb.  Somehow, stepping down off the curb into the parking lot between mine and a coworker’s car, my brain stopped signaling to my feet what should actually happen, so I fell…HARD…and landed on my left knee w/minor support from my left palm/wrist.  Thankfully, I have big enough lungs that people in the surrounding offices were able to hear my screams of painful agony and double thankfully, I work right next to an urgent care that they were able to cart me into.  Crying hysterically and grimacing in pain.  I was given ibuprofen, x-rays (nothing broken) and Neosporin and an ace bandage.

Well, 2 days later, I was still a’hurting, so I gave my PCP a call and they saw me this afternoon, said that if I’m still in this much pain next week, that we’ll MRI for a torn ligament or something and she prescribed me Percocet.  SO…GOOD night to you all…may you rest as well as I will be!


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