Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prayer for today:
Father God,
I love you.  Thank you for loving me SO much. 
I remember when I spent Valentine’s alone and wishing that someone would come along and do something straight out of a rom-com to win my heart over?  GOD, those were lonely days.  I had NO clue of what love was in its true form.  & this was less than a decade ago for me.

Even with a bum leg, my (not so constant thanks to the pain meds for my leg) abdominal pain, sinus pressure ready to crack my skull, a full day of work and 2 sweet babies to care for…this has been one of the BEST Valentine’s Days that I have EVER had in my LIFE.  Another great one was when Don and I were still “talking” and he sent me my first ever received bouquet of flowers.  The love that God gave me through my amazing husband is overwhelming and sweet and perfect in all ways (even the ways when we argue and have issues).

First, Don surprised me by stopping by my work after lunch on his way back into town from a meeting with 2 chocolate dipped and vanilla ganache strawberries for us to share and a single red rose for me to keep on my desk for the afternoon.  Once home w/kiddos, we decided to grab Five Guys and he ran out to get after we exchanged cards.  All in all, most awesome.  Another plus – We had the besties over for dinner last night and I was feeling bakey, so I made some uber delish cupcakes and had enough to take into work today and got high praise for them!

May you cherish and love those around you…Happy Valentine’s Day…XOXO!


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