Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quality, not Quantity...right?!

Whoops!  Almost 4 months have gone by since I’ve blogged.  Whew, I’m not so hot at keeping this ma-bob updated!

SO…since my last COMPLETELY TMI, in retrospect, post, things have been fairly AWESOME!  Don and some sweet friends have just wrapped up my final 30th birthday celebrations over the course of this weekend and I feel better entering this year, decade, whatever than I have any that I can remember!  In 20.5 short weeks, I’ve dropped 99 pounds!  I was pushing a 30/32 dress size and am now comfortable in a 14/16 or 18/20 depending on cut and fit.  Something that I continue to find amazing is the amount of support and enthusiasm that surrounds my progress.  I’ve met some amazing new people through different groups centered around WLS.  These people are as dear to me as some of my closest and longest standing friends.

Enjoy the same comparison shots you’ve already seen if we’re Facebook friends:
10.5 weeks post-op:  60.8 pounds down!

16.5 weeks post-op:  86.6 pounds down!

20 weeks post-op:  99 pounds down!

In other, non-weight related news, the kids are great (at a new daycare with an amazing lady whom we all adore), Don is amazing (could be reminiscent of the birthday celebrations) and I feel like I’m in a great place in so many areas thanks to the sweet words given to me by all of the birthday cards and also some extensive prayer time with some sisters in faith a couple of weeks ago. 

I’m also working diligently on group fundraising for this year’s HCV Nicaragua trip!  If you’re a 31 fan, please check out the 12 Days of Thanksgiving that we’ve got going on right now!  Also, if you’re interested in a Chick-Fil-ACowlendar, let me know!  They’re only $6 each and make GREAT stocking stuffers!

Praying that this finds you well and at peace!


  1. I am soooo proud of you and just want you to know that you are sooooooo beautiful!!!! <3<3<3

    1. Thanks love! For all of your continued love & support!!