Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm full of it.

Well – maybe not currently, but I have been off and on far too much over the past week or so.  Post-op for gastric bypass isn’t all sunshine, rainbows and dancing unicorns.  Sometimes it’s more like playing leap frog with a unicorn.  Also known as, not so pleasant.

Just like everything, there is a cycle to doing what you need to do after surgery.  IF you can get in your fluids and protein, this cycle can be pleasant and happy.  If not, and you struggle, things become…well, stopped up.  Little known fact:  constipation causes all sorts of other health issues.  I wasn’t able to drink or eat without severe pain & nausea and when you aren’t eating or drinking, nothing is happening on the flip side.

Thankfully through prayer and a little medical assistance (enter Phenergan, Colace & Milk of Magnesia), things are going much better.  On top of that, I had an incision pop open after the other had finally stopped draining.  I know, I know…gross.  Sorry, just being honest and I feel like it’s my doody duty to document this for myself when memory puts fog and glitter on everything that’s happened and also for those that are thinking of doing this. 

That being said, I wouldn’t change much.  I would have taken the medical assistance sooner and let my husband coax me to take just one more sip or try just one more protein this or that. 

Overall, I’ve been feeling great!  I fit into my smaller clothes from the other closet and even some of those are a little loose!  I’m not scared to sit in a booth, my car fits better (if that makes sense) and I’m ready to start working out as soon as I have the release from the Dr. on Thursday.

The one thing that I’m really looking forward to is picking up my kids again.  I miss being able to comfort them when and how they need.

I’ve been taking progress photos every other week and they really show my progress, but I’m not sure how I feel about sharing them.  I thought that it would be most reflective of change if I were just in my skivvies, but therein lies the problem.  Maybe in another 6 months or a year and after some toning happens on my part…  I think I’m most self-conscious because even though there’s definite change, I still look so much like the “before” picture.  Here’s a face comparison from April to July:

And for those of you that that like rough data and charts…here’s a little progress chart that I’ve been putting together:

Hope this finds you all well and loving life!

Love always,

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  1. I'm proud of you Chan. If there is anything you ever need please feel free to ask us or at least me. I love you and your family and would do anything for you. I do see change in your picture and I see alot of change when I see you at church. No one is going to pursue you to see photos so just keep them to yourself let it be the motivation you need on those days when it gets a little harder than yesterday. As always remeber jesus is there for you when you fell alone and need that extra love.