Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prayer for today:
Dear God,
Thank you…for a full belly, a roof over my head, a job to go to in the morning, my 2 sweet children {whether 1 is throwing a temper-tantrum or not}, my loving husband and so many other things that I may not even recognize as something to be thankful for.  In times of trouble, I am comforted and surrounded by you, Jesus.
I love you,
Ashley, Shelby…don’t look at this…I used to box-dye my hair.  A lot.  Like different colors at opposite ends of the spectrum once a month just because.  Like since I was 13.  Anywho, when I lived in the great San Ann, I had a hairdresser friend who taught me the rights and wrongs of hair care and {with a lot of time & $$$} got my hair healthy.  I haven’t touched a box of color since then.  Over 5 years. 

When I moved to MD, I had a hard time finding a place that fit me and my budget…proper hair care can be quite expensive.  I found this AWESOME place about a year and a half ago {shameless plug for Frayedberry} and haven’t strayed once since!

Piece of past has nothing to do with this…it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted and a LOT has happened since then…helped with Tides of Love, got a sinus infection, knee has half-healed, EJ got sick, Evie got sick, Don & I got away, ran into people we knew while away, we came home and this week started.  PHEW!

Of ALL of that, can I say that the 2 biggest blessings that God revealed to me were that 1) there truly are some homeless and helpless people out there that will sit and have a meal and thank you profusely for it and 2) being in a loving, respectful, FUN marriage is AWESOME?  I guess so...I just said it!  BOOM-shacka!

The big goose bumps & tears moment at Tides of Love {which if you don’t know about it, search it on Facebook & if you do know about it, devote a Saturday and serve…you’ll be humbled & awe-struck at God’s provisions in your own life…} happened when one of the first guests came out of the bathroom with a wide-eyed and scared expression on his face.  He was middle-aged with blue eyes, a silver ponytail and a worn jean jacket over a red plaid flannel shirt that had seen better days.  He walked up to me and handed me a wallet while saying, “Ma’am, I found this in the bathroom, I didn’t open it and I don’t know whose it is.”  I thanked him, took the wallet and found its owner {one of the other volunteers}.  Well, the man in the jean jacket came back up to me, pulled me aside and said with earnest, “Ma’am, I’m really worried about the wallet.  Please, if something was taken, hold me responsible.  I’d hate for something like missing money to end such a blessing as is put on like this.”  I could barely hold back my tears to nod, smile & tell him not to worry.  He was a pure example of God’s love for the world.  He was willing to sacrifice himself so that others wouldn’t suffer.  When the volunteer who owned the wallet got it back, I told him about it and he was able to go sit with the man in the jean jacket for the meal.  Just think…we’re all just walking around with lost wallets.  God gives us our treasures in heaven and we get to sit at His table because we weren’t just invited, we were SOUGHT after and BOUGHT with His own blood.

Have an amazing evening...surround yourselves with family and friends.


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