Sunday, March 25, 2012

Prayer for today:
Help me draw nearer to you.  Use me.
Life isn’t always easy…some of us having it MUCH better than others.  Some of us don’t.  Over the years, I’ve come to not be complacent, but content with where I am, who I’m with and what God has given me.  I haven’t always been this way.  I used to WANT everything that I didn’t have…coveted with envy.  I used to spend money I didn’t have…uselessly and stupidly.

Today at church, some people who went on a recent missions trip to Nicaragua shared their ‘God moments’ from their trip.  It really pops things into perspective when you’re told about children crying gratitude for fluoride treatments, adults weeping with thanks for finally being able to see “Claro!” with a used pair of glasses, and an intercession happening over a hurt homeless man who was able to hold his head high the next day and be healed through prayer.

If you don’t believe in God or that His Son is THE way to Him, take a moment and look around at everything and its wonder around you and think back to when you were a child and thought you could fly if you climbed high enough and jumped…that sense that you could DO and BE anything that you wanted in life, God GAVE you that will.  Choose Him.  1) Because I want to hang with you in eternity.  2) Because when creating the earth around us, He took the time to create every important cell in your body and count the hairs that you have on your head.  Then, He sent His Son to die for the sins that He knew that you’d make.

These past couples of weeks have been ‘off’, but I know that I have purpose as do each of you.  Pray for me and mine as I pray for you and yours.


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